Friends of Little Flower

Dear Friends,

Little Flower is blessed with a community that is committed to ensuring that our school is the best it can be. Our Blue Ribbon school provides not only rigorous academics, but also spiritual guidance and instruction to all the children who walk through its doors each day. We write to you today to help us to continue the important mission of building community and providing an excellent Catholic education to the students of Little Flower School.

Through your past generosity, the Home and School Association (HSA) has been able to keep our school facility and technology up-to-date. They have assisted in the repurposed and renovated spaces for the everchanging student body, as well as assisted in unforeseen maintenance issues and required code improvements. They continue to support the Angel Fund, which helps LFS families receive a Catholic education despite financial hardship. The HSA has also donated to the Archdiocese Education Fund which has allowed many Little Flower families to continue their Catholic education through high school. Little Flower and the HSA remain committed to supporting our exceptional faculty and to providing events which build our wonderful community.

Unlike years past, the Friends Campaign is the only fundraising campaign of the 2018-2019 school year. HSA is taking a year off from a fundraising auction, and this year the Friends Campaign will include donations that would typically go to the Dream Tree for the teachers. We know that we can still count on your generosity to help them continue to support our wonderful school and teachers in myriad ways--both in the classroom and outside of it.

As parents of three current Little Flower students and one Little Flower graduate, we have seen first-hand what an impact your donations have made in our school community. Your support makes a difference in the life and education of each student. We hope you will support our school again this year by making a contribution to the “2019 Friends of Little Flower School.”

There are two ways of donating to the Friends of Little Flower School campaign. Our preference would be that you fill out a form (available HERE) and write a check directly to Little Flower School, which will save us credit card processing fees. You can also make your donation using a credit card through the form below. Contributions received before March 29th will be acknowledged at our spring Gala celebrating our school community. All donations are tax deductible. If you have any questions please call 301-320-3273.

We are grateful for your generosity and support that mean so much to our wonderful school.


James and Maureen DeBritz

2019 Friends Campaign Chairs

Parents of Cecelia, Dominic, Anthony and Christopher

St. Therese $1,000 and above
Rose $500-$999
Cardinal $250-$500
Blue Ribbon up to $249

Friends Donation Form