Summer Reading Lists 2020-2021

Dear Parents,

The Faculty and I would like to join with you in encouraging all of our students to use the summer months well. With days of vacation and freedom from the regular schedule of classes it is a marvelous time to continue to foster the wonderful habit of leisure reading.

We have listed some wonderful books including a collection of fine books that parents or older students can read to our children in our Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and First Grade.

The list notes recent books that have merited awards by the American Library Association. Additionally, many of the books on the list can be found in the Little Flower School library catalog which can often provide additional information on the titles such as reading levels, awards and reviews.

Students often enjoy reading books that have a sequel or are part of a series. The summer reading list provides the first title if this is the case, with sequels or additional titles noted. Students may choose any books that follow.

It is our hope that the children will read and enjoy the works of a variety of authors. These recommended listings cover a wide range of reading levels and are not meant to be confining. Students may read other titles and other authors or even read books on other grade lists. The goal is for them to take advantage of the summer to acquaint themselves with many authors and a variety of types of books.

As adults we know that reading is a marvelous habit to develop. We would like to bring our students to that same realization and the best way for that to happen is to encourage them to read, read, and read.

Each child in Grades 2-8 has received a paper to record his/her readings during the summer. These should be returned to the classroom teacher in the fall and we can post them throughout the school. What a great way to start the year and to encourage reading!

Have a wonderful summer!

Faculty of Little Flower School

See the list below for book options. Choose the grade you are entering. A log sheet is also here if one is needed.

Reading List

Log Sheet (to be kept by Grades 2-8)