Emergency Preparedness

In the rare event of a biological or chemical incident, the safest and most prudent action for the principals will be to create safe spaces in the schools so that children and staff can be “sheltered in place”. There will be no evacuation or movement outside of buildings. (This is different for us, because we have been trained to evacuate and flee in emergencies.) The schools will be locked, with all staff and students in safe places. If this should occur, parents would not be permitted to pick up children, because opening the building will jeopardize the safety of all students. Pick up will follow when local authorities determine the area to be safe.

-Superintendent for Catholic Schools-Washington Archdiocese

In the event of an emergency situation and a directive from local authorities to shelter-in-place, please be advised of the following:

  1. All students will be moved into our shelter-in-place area, which is the gym.
  2. All faculty and staff will be with the children to ensure their proper supervision and safety.
  3. The school is prepared with adequate water supplies and materials so that the children will be fine for the duration of the quarantine.
  4. The gym will be sealed off so that no one may enter or leave until local authorities advise it is safe to exit. This announcement will be given over the radio and television.
  5. Parents are asked to stay in their own safe area whether this is at home or at work until the announcement is made by local authorities that it is safe to leave. Do not come to the school, until local authorities advise that it is safe to do so as you will endanger your own safety and that of others. Gym doors will be sealed.
  6. Parents are asked not to call the school, as any lines that we have need to be open for emergency communication.

Any visitors or parents in the school at this time will be directed to stay. When authorities provide direction to shelter-in-place, they want everyone to take those steps immediately where they are and not drive or walk outdoors.

How Will We Communicate With Families?

Our primary responsibility at this time will be the safety and welfare of the children. We will endeavor to keep in touch with our parents by way of e-mail if this is possible.

  1. If time and circumstances allow we will place a message on the computerized emergency contact system, if this is possible.
  2. All other information will be broadcast on public radio and television if these media are available. This will be our means of knowing what is happening in the area and also our way of being advised when it is safe to dismiss the children.

How Will The Children Be Dismissed?

Once local authorities declare that the area is safe, we will bring the children to the classrooms along the quadrangle.

When all students have settled in their classrooms, parents will be invited to enter the building from the upper parking lot and get their children from the classrooms.


Students in these grades will be brought to the following rooms along the quadrangle:

  • Pre Kindergarten (Library)
  • Kindergarten (Computer Room)
  • Grade 1 (Music Room)
  • Grade 2 (Math Room)
  • Grade 3 (Junior High Room)
  • All other grades will be in their regular classrooms

Special Teachers will be in the hallways assisting parents in getting students from the classrooms.

This plan will be revised should we receive additional directives from local authorities suggesting any other recommended emergency course of action.