Plans for 2021-22 School Year

Looking Ahead

Parents can expect that barring an unforeseen pandemic turn, things at Little Flower will pretty much be back to normal next year. Schools will still have more COVID restrictions than the general public, but in many important ways we will be able to loosen up. Our full plan for reopening has not been approved yet. Things might change, but here are some of the highlights of what we anticipate when we return in September. 

Fairly Certain 

● We will continue to wear masks, wash hands frequently, switch classes less often, and observe some social distancing. Symptomatic staff and students may be asked to stay home until the cause of their symptoms is clear. 

● Our regular school day for students will be 8:05 to 3:05. We will be on campus Monday through Fridays. 

● We will go back to regular arrival and dismissal. Daily temperature checks will occur in the classrooms as part of attendance. 

● We will go back to two lunch periods. We will offer milk and hot lunch like we used to. 

● Some classes will be taught in whole grade groupings, but most of the day students will be taught in smaller sections of 9-16 students. Unlike this year, those sections will mix and change during the day. Kindergarten, third, fifth, and seventh grade students will begin their day in whole grade groupings. Other grades will start in different cohorts. The office will send class/cohort assignments with other information during the second week of August. 

● The two second grade cohorts will learn in two portable classrooms that will face the first grade rooms near the mulched playground. 

● Most of our special subjects will be back. Students will have French, Spanish, library, art, physical education, and technology enrichment. We will be adding performing arts as a special class at many grade levels. We will not offer music during the day, but we hope to offer music enrichment (choir, musical) as an after school opportunity. 

● With precautions, we will be able to take field trips. 

● We intend to go back to having grade levels go to 8:15 Mass on an assigned day, every other week. We will go back to having the whole school worshipping together at the noon Mass on the first Friday of every month. We also look forward to bringing back many of our other favorite, whole school liturgies. Still Unsure 

● We are not yet sure about whether or not we will be able to offer aftercare. We hope to be able to do this. We are working to hire a director and to get our license renewed. The Office of Child Care is still requiring extensive COVID precautions. It is unclear if these will loosen as younger children can get vaccinated. Ms. Favret will send a whole school notice this summer as soon as the aftercare situation becomes definite. 

● We will be using the Parish Hall for lunch. It is just unclear whether we will be able to fit all students in given the current spacing requirements. Some students will also still be able to eat under the tent on non-hot lunch days. 

● We have been asked to continue to have restrictions about parents volunteering in classrooms. We want to have parents in the building so we are exploring what this might look like next school year. 

● Grade level groups will be able to mix on the playground, but we are not yet sure about mask requirements for recess. 

● We believe that many of our after school clubs (ie Excel Sports) will be able to return, but we are unsure about which clubs and when.