Volunteering at LFS

The strength of a school community relies heavily on the support and involvement of all the families that the school serves. Each family of Little Flower School should be involved in at least one of the many Parent Programs that serve our students. Every child benefits from the commitment, interest, and assistance given by involved mothers and fathers.

Archdiocesan Policy

All persons who have contact with children are required by the Archdiocese of Washington to attend an awareness workshop entitled Protecting God’s Children and to complete an electronic background check. This policy is for all Archdiocesan personnel, including priests, deacons, religious, employees, contract workers and parent volunteers. This policy extends to all of our parents who volunteer here at school in any capacity where the children are present. Parents who do not fulfill these requirements may not assist at school.

Archdiocesan Child Protection Policy

The school office has all of the information for proceeding with the electronic background check. The Archdiocesan Website, www.adw.org, has all the current information regarding the required workshop, Protecting God’s Children.

We invite all of our families to participate in Little Flower School’s Parent Volunteer Programs. There is some way for every family to be actively involved in these important LFS Programs.

Please note that Archdiocesan policy requires that all adults must complete the following requirements before they may be actively involved in any of the school’s programs where children may be present: To begin this process - request a Volunteer Packet from the School Office.

1. Complete Archdiocesan Volunteer Application Form (on the "Volunteering" page) and return to LFS.

2. Register for and attend the Archdiocesan Workshop, “Protecting God’s Children” (schedule available at www.adw.org under the “Protecting God’s Children” link).

3. After you have attended a workshop complete the online background verification at the school office (takes 5 minutes).

Thank you for giving of your time to the school. Your presence is vital to the well-being of our school.


Thank you for all that you do to make our school a very special place. Your presence in these programs is a blessing for every member of our Little Flower School Community for you enrich the lives of us all.

God bless your generosity and your spirit of selflessness.