The beginning of the year brings the task of filling out many forms and the purchasing all the supplies needed for school.

Our start date will be Wednesday August 29, 2018. Please check the online calendar for other dates of importance.

SUMMER MATH & READING - new students will receive IXL accounts

SCHOOL SUPPLIES - printable list to come

MILK ORDERS - milk options will be available to children in all grades

HOT LUNCH ORDERS - a lunch program will be available to students in Kindergarten-Grade 8

TUITION - The first payment date is August 5, 2018. Families electing automatic withdrawal will have the first payment deducted on August 6 which is the next bank business day. Families electing billed statements receive mailed invoices and payments must be received in the school office by August 5th.

UNIFORMS- there are no changes to the uniform code. Please ensure correct fit of all uniform pieces.

HEALTH FORMS - all new students need to provide health forms. Returning students in Kindergarten and Grade 7 may require updated vaccine records to comply with state regulations. You have received this information directly if it applies to your student.

All students requiring medication to be kept or administered at school (this includes both prescription and over-the-counter medications) will find those forms here as well.

AFTER CARE - demand always exceeds capacity in After Care. Currently we are taking requests only from families needing care all 5 days each week. Availability for those needing fewer days will be assessed after that.

VOLUNTEERS - All parents wishing to volunteer in any capacity (school volunteer, CYO coach, Religious Education volunteer, etc) must fully complete the three steps of the Child Protection program. Note that the classes sponsored by the Archdiocese fill very quickly as new parents from all over the Archdiocese are doing the same training.

Opening week information for PreK - coming soon

Opening week information for Kindergarten - coming soon

A WARM WELCOME to our new families, our new faculty members,

and our new principal, Ms. Loretta Favret

The school office will be closed from June 25 - August 13 as we accommodate renovations in the building.

  • Postal mail will still be delivered.
  • We will do our best to check voicemail as much as possible
  • We can be reached most quickly by email!