Staff Directory

Little Flower School is staffed by the Congregation of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary from Scranton, Pennsylvania in partnership with dedicated lay teachers.


Our teachers are well-prepared professionals who are deeply committed to the ministry of Catholic education here at Little Flower. Their deep interest and concern for our students coupled with their ongoing efforts to work collaboratively for the good of the school and the continued improvement of our programs are essential ingredients for a caring school environment.

Little Flower offers special programs in Art, Computer Science, Counseling, French, Spanish, Library, Music and Physical Education.

Our faculty encourages and maintains ongoing communication with the parents of our school community.

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Principal Sister Rosemaron Rynn, IHM
Secretary Mrs. Linda Kueter
Receptionist Mrs. Lisa Oswald
Office Assistant Sr. St. Henry Haiss, IHM
Pre-Kindergarten Miss Ella Sinese
Pre-Kindergarten Aide Mrs. Sara Koh
Kindergarten Mrs. Christine Matala
Kindergarten Aide Miss Sarah Brown
Grade One Sister Ritamary Mayan, IHM
Grade One Aide Mrs. Gale O’Laughlin
Grade Two

Mrs. Casey Graham
Grade Two Aide Miss Kahla Vise
Grade Three Mrs. Amnah Lindbloom
Grade Three Aide Miss Kellen Murphy
Grade Four Mrs. Maryanne Hellender
Grade Five Mr. Michael Chiazze
Grade Six Mr. Justin Wedgewood
Grade Seven Miss Rita Curley
Grade Eight Mr. Daniel Stuhlmann
Science 6 - 8
Miss Kerry Stone
Social Studies 6 – 8 Mr. Adam Sorokes
Music Sister Rachel Terry, IHM
Counselor Sister Madonna Marie Lenikus, IHM
Library Mrs. Sally Gannon
Reading Mrs. Rosina Mitchell
Mrs. Christine Zisa
Math 3-4-5 Mrs. Krystyna Sibilska
Physical Education Mrs. Linda Ross
Computer Science Mrs. Susan Cohen
French 1 - 5
Mrs. Mildred Secor
French 6 - 8
Mrs. Perrine Arvis
Spanish Mrs. Teresa Melchior
Art Mrs. Casey Rossomondo