What is Cardinals on the Move?
Cardinals on the Move is a series of voluntary afternoon, evening, and weekend trips.  These trips are recreational and cultural outings designed to give our students healthy opportunities to socialize and take advantage of the area that we live in.

Who is involved in Cardinals on the Move?
Only LFS middle school students can participate in these trips.  The school arranges these trips and staff and parents chaperone these outings.  We ask that parents pay the costs associated with these trips; and we work to keep the costs low with grants, donations, and group discounts.

Why are we doing this?
These trips will give us the opportunity to strengthen our community and to enjoy each other in a different way than we do in the classroom.  We are excited about getting off our screens, hanging out with some new friends, and exploring our city together.

How does it work? 
We intend to plan 3 to 5 Cardinals on the Move trips per year.  Students may choose to go on one trip or all of the trips.  Students sign up for each trip separately. The space for some of these trips will be limited. We will communicate when the link will “go live” and the first families to sign up will be included in the trip.  The school will arrange for buses. Once we know how many students are participating, Ms. Favret will arrange for chaperones. At school, participating students will be given a Ground Rules Agreement and a permission slip to read, sign, and return. 

Where will we go?
Our plans are to try to take advantage of the wonderful area we live in.  We are certainly designing this program as we go, but we intend to go to sports events, theater events, museums, seasonal activities, etc.  Not every trip will appeal to every student, but we will try to include a fun trip for everyone over the course of the year.

When does it start?
Our first Cardinals on the Move trip will be on Wednesday, May 26th. We received a large group of tickets to watch the Washington Nationals play the Los Angeles Dodgers through the Nationals’ Community Ticket Grant. Buses will leave school at 3:10 PM and we expect to return to school at 8:30 PM.  The sign up for this trip will go live on Wednesday, May 18 at 9:00 AM.

What if I have questions? 
Ms. Favret will meet with middle school parents via Zoom and will answer any further questions. Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87427907094?pwd=qWGhy3ZYrwltoODKHKao1KUWvBKqSb.1

Meeting ID: 874 2790 7094     Passcode: 747359



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