Why Choose Little Flower?

If you are looking for a school that...

...is committed to strong spiritual and moral values, academic excellence, concern for others and is a vibrant school community

...then we invite you to seriously consider Little Flower.

Spiritual and Moral Values

Little Flower School provides your child with an education that is grounded in the Roman Catholic faith. Religion is not only an academic subject that is taught every day but more importantly it permeates the entire curriculum at our school. This is indeed the foundation of our partnership with parents in our shared role of nurturing the faith life of our children.

Academic Excellence

Little Flower School has been nationally recognized as a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence two times. This distinction affirms that the students of Little Flower perform in the top ten percent of the nation on nationally recognized standardized testing. This honor is a tribute to the academic excellence of our school and serves as an ongoing incentive to provide our students with a challenging and enriching education.

Concern for Others

LFS students are taught to take seriously their role as persons who can make a difference. Each class is actively involved in our Kindness Counts Program and in outreach projects to help those in need. The school is actively involved in all of the programs sponsored by our parish. Our parents faithfully model this important aspect of christian concern for others by their generosity and involvement in caring outreach.

Vibrant School Community

Little Flower School is blessed to have a community of parents who are deeply committed to the school and who actively participate in its many parent volunteer programs. The students readily recognize that this is a family oriented school community where parents and faculty work together for their benefit.