Payment Options

Little Flower School provides several financial planning options which allow families to pay tuition in installments. All families select a payment plan for the each school year. Tuition payments to Little Flower must be made by check directly to school or through an automatic withdrawal process.

We currently offer the following tuition payment plans that should be beneficial for you and the school:

Automatic Withdrawal Tuition Payment Plan

Little Flower School can set up automatic contributions from your bank account using the Authorization Agreement Form available at the school office. This plan includes Annual, Biannual, Quarterly, and Monthly payment options with no administrative fees. Families choosing this plan will complete a form which instructs their bank to send payments automatically to the school on specific payment dates.

Please consider the benefits of the Automatic Tuition Payment Plan. It is an easy and reliable way to send tuition from your checking or savings account. Using automatic withdrawal conveniently ensures tuition payments are paid on time.

Regular Billing Tuition Payment Plan

This plan includes Annual and Biannual payment options. The school will bill you by mail and you will submit payments directly to the school. There is an administrative fee for the Biannual Plan.

How Do You Sign Up For Automatic Withdrawal?

Decide which bank account you want to use and complete the Authorization Agreement Form. Be sure to sign and date it in the area provided. Attach a voided check to your Authorization Agreement Form to Little Flower School. Tuition will be withdrawn on August 5th and the 5th of any months thereafter. If you desire to change the designated bank account, please submit a new Authorization Agreement Form to Little Flower School along with a new voided check. The authorization to charge your account will remain in effect until you cancel the agreement by notifying Little Flower in writing.