Resource Program

Little Flower recognizes that students develop at their own pace and with a range of learning styles and modalities; for a variety of reasons, students may require additional support.

The Resource Program offers both formal and informal academic support for students. Teachers and parents may request assistance from the Resource Team for any student concern. The assistance may range from a consultation to the implementation of an academic support plan coupled with interventions.

Students needing additional support in the primary grades (K-3) can receive reading intervention or math support with a specially trained, certified educator. This support is based on the teachers' observations in partnership with parents. The interventions are seamless and part of the instructional day. The resource program provides students with learning differences assistance in developing strategies which allow them to learn through their strengths and to circumvent their weaker areas. Resource teachers work with a variety of students to assist classroom teachers in assessing needs and strengths.

The Resource Program assists parents with all referrals for educational evaluations: collecting the necessary data and forwarding this information to the evaluating agency (either Montgomery County Public Schools or a private provider), performing classroom observations, administering informal and formal reading and math assessments, and acting as a liaison between the parents, school, and evaluating agency. The Resource Team organizes and maintains the confidential records of students who have received educational evaluations, writing and implementing accommodation plans, and working with all stakeholders to support the learner.

The program provides assistance to parents and teachers as they work together to identify areas of need, develop a course of action and monitor progress.