Pre-Kindergarten at Little Flower

The Pre-Kindergarten Program here at Little Flower is an integral part of the whole school in philosophy and in our quest for academic excellence. These young children entrusted to our care are considered very much a part of the entire school community.

The Pre-Kindergarten program has classrooms staffed by a teacher and a full-time teacher assistant. All students must be age eligible (4 years old by September 1st).

Our Mission

Our mission, rooted in Catholic Identity, is to inspire and nurture every child during this vitally important time of academic, social and spiritual development. We want to “create a caring community through respect and responsibility” in our Pre K classrooms.

The Pre K Program and its teachers foster an environment that is joyful, and enriched with the teachings of the Catholic Church. The teachers emphasize who Jesus is, the importance of Prayer, and how to deepen our relationship with God. All students are able to explore and express their many interests through various avenues of play and academics. Most importantly, students learn to love learning.

Academics - We provide instruction in Math and Literacy using the program Learning Without Tears. Teachers use a variety of assessments and observation to gain awareness of all students needs and abilities. Students also learn a variety of topics in Science, Social Studies, and Religion. These topics are taught through direct instruction, play, or small groups.

Pre K enjoys weekly visits to Art, Music, Library, and Physical Education.

Our Community - Little Flower School is a caring community that provides opportunities for families to enrich our learning in classrooms or school wide events. Little Flower is a strong parish school that teaches the basics about God’s love, prayer, and service to others. Older students serve as positive role models for the importance of caring and service.

Our developmental program focuses on social skills and emotional growth while preparing the children for a smooth transition into kindergarten. Students have time each day devoted to reading readiness, math principles, and basic skills. These lessons are interwoven with times of art, music, and indoor and outdoor play. Prayer and Christian values are woven into daily activities. Prayer, Bible stories and song help lay the groundwork for future faith formation. The children also participate in Physical Education and Music classes twice a week and Library once a week.

Our Pre-Kindergarten classroom environment invites exploration, sharing and a love of learning. Teachers are aware of the stages of child development and plan lessons which allow each child to be successful. Our curriculum provides a strong base for future academic success.

Pre-K program highlights:

  • Child-oriented Religion program
  • Math literacy-counting, numbers, shapes, lines colors and size relationships
  • Pre-reading/literacy activities
  • Proper formation of upper and lower case letters and writing skills
  • Socialization and emotional development
  • Promotion of cooperative play skills
  • Positive social interactions
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Fine/gross motor activity
  • Experiences with music and movement
  • Positive self-concept/fostering independence
  • Transitioning between activities

Class Session Days/Times:

Our Pre-Kindergarten is a 5 day program. The daily session runs from 8:10 am to 2:50 pm. 

How do we apply for the Pre-Kindergarten program?

We have two Open House opportunities for you to visit our School and Pre-Kindergarten classroom. Please click HERE for more information. Applications are accepted at the same time as those for all other grade levels. Priority is given to families who are registered members of Little Flower Parish and those who already have other children in Grades K – 8.