Moral training and religious knowledge in a Catholic environment provide the foundation of Little Flower's curriculum.


The curriculum includes concentrated learning in Religion, Language Arts, Mathematics with Pre-Algebra and Algebra in sections of the Junior High, Social Studies, Science, and Art. The Language Arts area includes Reading, Phonics, Spelling, Vocabulary, Grammar, Creative Writing, and Penmanship. Reading is an essential component of all areas of our curriculum.

In addition to the core curriculum, Little Flower offers instruction in Art, Computer Science, Library Skills, Music, Physical Education, French and Spanish. The school program is enhanced by the presence of a counselor on staff. The curriculum is enriched by a wide variety of After School Programs.

Children of Little Flower School participate annually in the Archdiocesan Standardized Testing Program. Results of these tests are shared with the parents, provide valuable information for the school, and are used in conjunction with the High School Admissions Program of the Archdiocese.

Each child who attends Little Flower will find acceptance, encouragement, and motivation to become his or her best possible self. The administration and staff are committed to working with parents to create a warm, loving environment in which children can gain an awareness of their potential and be challenged to use their abilities and talents for their own good and for the good of their family, school, church, and country.

A Southern States Accredited and nationally recognized Blue Ribbon School, Little Flower's educational program meets the requirements set by the Catholic Schools Office of the Archdiocese of Washington and the Department of Education of the State of Maryland.