From Our Students

Little Flower is special because....

  • we learn lots of new and fascinating things
  • our teachers are loving and kind
  • you form new friendships
  • you learn religion
  • it is a Blue Ribbon School
  • there is no meanness
  • the teachers always make hard things easier to understand and fun too
  • we have amazing teachers and an award winning principal
  • our students are outstanding
  • I have lots of friends here and I love to learn
  • the teachers help you with any thing you are struggling with
  • the teachers make it easy to learn
  • everyone is kind and they make learning fun
  • everybody cares for each other in a special way
  • the teachers work very hard
  • because it is named after St. Therese
  • everyone here is nice and we have lots of fun with all the teachers
  • we have great priests and a wonderful principal
  • we have super fun activities
  • we have a great gym and a field
  • our hot lunch is delicious
  • I like Math class
  • the teachers are awesome
  • our teachers are nice and our classes are fun
  • I have made many friends here
  • I am getting a good education
  • our teachers always help us to do better
  • we have cool after school programs
  • it’s a great place to start your life
  • we have a Student Council
  • we have great Spirit Days
  • it is a big part of my life
  • it’s easy to fit in
  • we have Buddies
  • I have so many memories locked up in this school
  • everyone helps each other
  • all the students are welcoming and friendly
  • there are so many people here to take care of you and to have fun with
  • they care not only about academics but they care about how you feel
  • it is a Catholic school
  • our theme this year is ‘Kindness Counts’
  • it’s a Blue Ribbon School with many options for after school programs
  • it challenges me in school and the kids are real nice
  • we have priests and sisters teaching us
  • our teachers are good at their jobs
  • this school is very easy to get used to and so are the kids
  • my brother thinks high school is easy because he was taught so well at LF
  • it does a wonderful job teaching us about our Catholic religion
  • I learn a lot here
  • everyone knows each other
  • our school is beautiful
  • we all get along together
  • I like to learn and my friends and teachers are the best
  • this is where I create my friendships, memories and of course my education
  • our teachers are understanding
  • our priests are wonderful
  • our friends respect one another
  • it is five minutes from my house
  • the Student Council makes the best Spirit Days get to learn things you didn’t already know
  • we have the best turf field
  • our school won the Blue Ribbon
  • we have the best principal and teachers
  • it is a Catholic School
  • our principal got an award
  • everyone is nice
  • I love the teachers
  • we love God here
  • it has so many great children
  • the teachers are so kind
  • school is fun
  • we have great priests
  • we are kind to each other
  • this is the best school ever
  • Pre K is the best class ever
  • we learn to listen
  • we do good work
  • you learn how to be a ‘Big Kid’
  • we learn the alphabet
  • Mrs. Marosy is the best
  • LF is a loving, caring community. We work well together and get along. I love LF.
  • LFS is great because it is so fun to learn something new. The activities are the best; we have so much fun. The teachers are so nice too.
  • LFS is great because we have nice teachers. The classes are small, so everyone knows each other.”
  • LFS is special to me because of all the nice families and faculty. Everyone is so welcoming, friendly, and nice when you come to school that it feels like home.
  • LFS is a special place because we have great teachers that make learning fun, and everyone makes friends very easily.
  • What I like about LFS is that it is a small school, so everyone gets to know each other. It is easier to get to know people and organize activities. I have been at this school for ten years, and I have always thought it was a great school.
  • LFS is special to me because everyone is nice and accepting. The teachers are great and listen to all of my questions. If I ever have a problem, they can help me out. My friends and classmates are really nice too. We all include everyone, and no one gets left out. LFS is one of the best schools ever!
  • LFS is special because the students work together. It is a challenging school, and the teachers help students to succeed.
  • LFS is a great place to make friends.
LFS is special to
me because of all the
nice families and
faculty. Everyone is
so welcoming,
friendly, and nice
when you come
to school that it feels
like home.