From Our Parents

Our parents were invited to list some of the things that they would like to share with new families and visitors about our school. Please take the time to read their comments. We have listed them just as they were received.

LFS combines traditional Catholic values with creative, engaging instructional methods

Each child is valued as an individual and encouraged to achieve

Parent involvement is welcome and there are many opportunities to get involved that work with the family’s other obligations

LFS parent community is giving, caring and friendly

Students feel cared for, loved and secure

Academic program is very strong

Little Flower Faculty and Staff provide my children with both a safe and loving environment and a rigorous educational experience

My children are dedicated to faith and service because of the great work of the LFS staff

I can rest assured that my kids are surrounded by teachers, staff and other students who respect and care for each other

We are so pleased and impressed by the responsiveness of the school’s administration to parent’s concerns and requests with thoughtful, timely and creative solutions

You can feel good and have peace of mind leaving your children at LFS everyday

The academics at LFS are rigorous and relevant to what children need to know today

LFS provides frequent and meaningful feedback on my children’s schoolwork through reviews, tests and interesting projects

Having come from the public school system, it’s been very special for our family to celebrate Christmas time at school.

Little Flower provides an excellent education and a faith filled environment that is true to our Catholic values

The teachers are top notch and are actively interested in each individual child’s progress – whether it be academic, social or spiritual

Little Flower’s disciplined and organized atmosphere is simply phenomenal

Excellent education – Junior High is prepared well for high school

Good community of parents – welcoming

Religious foundation is there for your children

All the teachers know all the students and their siblings by name

Sister will know your name on the first day

Both students and their parents make wonderful friends at this school

More than a school or a parish, Little Flower is like a second family for us, which was really important for us as we come from abroad

Monsignor really encourages the solidarity among the school community and the parish and it is really a value which is shared

LFS = perfect balance between academic excellence, strong spiritual development and other activities

Excellent academic curriculum with highly qualified staff

Loving, nurturing and supportive environment in the classrooms

Wonderful community of parents, students and teachers

Involved and caring parent community

Strong character education/development

Superb academic program complemented with excellent religious education

At LFS, Religion taught in Grades 7 and 8 is so interesting and lively that every parent would benefit from it

Catholic identity shows through the behavior of all the kids in the hallways, in classes and at Mass

Being linked to a parish gives such a support to the catholic identity of the school – our priests are present and the children see them regularly, can talk with them and they view them as role models

Discipline is a key to achieve a high level of academics: you’ll find it here

The first grade Reading Program is quite good. Our daughter has learned a tremendous number of words in her first few months

The After School Day Care Program is well run. Perhaps it is too well run; sometimes it is difficult to get our daughter to leave when it is time to go home

In addition to being an effective administrator, the principal is remarkably good at directing traffic

We have been very happy that our daughter has been at Little Flower. There is a real feeling of community and closeness that few school s have.

The quality of the teachers is outstanding. This includes not only the main classroom teachers but the music, language, physical education and computer teachers too.

The retention rate of teachers and students is very strong which is very valuable in this transient area.

Wonderful environment for children to learn and grow

Great community for families

Warm and welcoming teachers

Little Flower fosters a community that encourages children and the collective family to recognize and nurture the wellbeing of their fellow classmates, families, teachers and the community at large.

God is with the curriculum, play and outreach – a cornerstone of the community

Warm supportive community

Faith based education

It’s truly a “Village” @ LFS. Everyone takes care of everyone, including their own child

We have the best principal in town, in this state, in this nation!

Our after school activities offer our students a plethora of options.

Tight knit community that looks out for one another’s children

Encourages participation in Catholic faith by underscoring family’s values and a commitment to the faith’s practices

Quality education at a very reasonable price

The school reinforces the values that we try to instill at home. It is comforting to know that we don’t have to worry about what and how they teach.

The administration and teachers do a great job of keeping parents engaged and informed and they encourage parental involvement. They are always willing and available to discuss our child’s progress.

I have had my children at three different independent schools over the years. The community at LFS is extraordinary – from the principal, teachers, priests, students and families. Everyone in the community is welcoming, friendly and people truly help and look out for one another and each other’s children.

The children know and are known by all the kids and adults in the community – older children play with younger ones.

It is woven into every aspect of their experience to be kind.

Close knit community at school and parish

Strong values

Great after school activities

Little Flower School is excellent - with communicating information to families—through the new and improved website and regular emails from office and teachers.

I’ve always appreciated the “Kindness Counts” motto and the many ways the teachers remind the children of it.

Almost all families participate with events at LFS (99%) and it’s great to have such a wonderful sense of community—it’s a special part of family life.

LFS builds a strong foundation of the Catholic Faith.

LFS is a very welcoming and friendly place.

LFS provides an excellent education.

LFS is a small, nurturing environment.

It has many CYO Sports opportunities.

Little Flower School builds structure and discipline in your child’s life.

LFS has an excellent academic program—High Standard is set, performance is encouraged, outstanding preparation for the leading preparatory schools.

A high level of parent involvement in all aspects of our child’s development at school is a major part of this school’s focus.

All in all, Little Flower School is a great place for our children to grow academically, socially, and spiritually. I have first-hand knowledge that leading local Prep Schools love to receive children from Little Flower because of it.

I love that my children and our family are a part of this loving and Christian Community.

I love Sister Rosemaron and all the amazing staff.

At Little Flower School our children learn Christian Values, learn about our Lord, learn to discover His love for us and to grow in this Faith.

We, as parents are glad to know our kids are receiving a solid education.

Great Families

Great Teachers

Great Education

Parents are always welcome to participate in classroom activities.

Little Flower is a Blue Ribbon School that provides an excellent education at each grade level.

Sister Rosemaron instills the value of service to others in the Little Flower Community.

LFS is a wonderful school with a unique offering of education, qualified faculty, highly engaged parents, and great kids.

One of the things we appreciate the most about our kids’ school is that they truly live, breathe, experience, see, and share everyday the mission of the school: “ Love, Faith, and Service”.

Coming from an International background, our family has felt from day 1 the warm welcoming and full sense of inclusion and true friendship among all the parents of all grades—It’s great to experience an environment open to many cultures!!

Strong Sense of Community- children feel safe and comfortable; parents feel children are in good hands.

Students make good friends moving together through the grades while also being very welcoming to new students each year.

School is very prayerful.

LFS is very welcoming.

Gives you a great education

Strengthens your relationship with God

My daughter was new to Little Flower this year and was very nervous on her first day. Everyone has been very friendly and has made her feel welcome. She loves her new school.

We have been very impressed with the teachers at Little Flower. They challenge the students academically but they also make learning fun and interesting.

Caring school community

Faith filled school environment

Dedicated teaching staff

Little Flower offers a warm and welcoming community, surrounded by caring faculty and staff

Little Flower is committed to community service and helping others in need – a very generous and loving environment

Sister Rosemaron is an excellent leader who is committed to academic excellence and fostering learning, faith and service across the school

LFS Principal, Sister Rosemaron, has recently been widely recognized as an Outstanding Principal, both in the Washington region and nationally, by religious and lay education organizations. Principal of LFS for more than 15 consecutive years, Sister Rosemaron leads a stable yet creative faculty. Sister selflessly devotes her attention and energy to bring out the best from the students.

Little Flower provides a strong academic curriculum while also incorporating the Catholic Faith.

Little Flower Faculty truly takes an interest in caring for and helping the children grow.

Excellent curriculum with teachers that make sure your child excels in all subjects and is happy.

Great communication.